Our lines of action are:

Training and technical assistance in the public sector

We organise specialised training programmes in public and governmental management, aimed at professionals in the sector, with the objective of strengthening institutions and enhancing democratic quality in Peru.

These training and consulting services are provided throughout all the regions in our country. The services are aimed at institutions, authorities, civil servants, those hoping to enter public service and those interested in increasing or perfecting their knowledge with regard to specific aspects of public administration.

The subjects dealt with are adapted to particular training and educational needs, as identified in cooperation with the participating body.

Recent diploma courses and workshops organised by the Development and Decentralisation Institute include:

– The business activity of the State, government accountability and internal control (65 teaching hours).

– Administrative law and public management (13 teaching hours).

– Principal aspects of State business activity and administrative dispute procedures (70 teaching hours).

– Training in local public policies: public safety, urban transport and technical and legal assistance (20 teaching hours).

We work with such bodies and institutions as FONAFE, the Comptroller General of the Republic, the Ministry of Culture, the National Academy of the Judiciary and the Municipal District of Santa Anita.

The IDD Group adapts its themes to the needs and requirements of each different organisation. If you are interested in our specialised training services, please contact rrivera@grupoidd.org and we will be delighted to give you full information.

ISO certification in education quality management

We provide full consulting services for infant, primary and secondary schools, both public and private, to help them obtain ISO 9001 certification as proof that their teaching provisions conform to the highest international quality standards. For the IDD Group, access to quality education is a basic tool for developing the values of citizenship and guaranteeing a solid future for society.

The schools that have obtained ISO 9001 certification thanks to the consulting services of the Development and Decentralisation Institute include:

– María Montessori school (Ventanilla, Callao)

– Domingo Savio school (Ventanilla, Callao)

– Fermín Ávila school (Ventanilla, Callao)

– Claretiano school (Lima)

– Claretiano school (Huancayo)

Electronic government and ICT expansion

We install online tools to enable national and local authorities to modernise management and ensure universal, across-the-board access to information. We at the IDD Group are convinced that quality decentralised democracy is not possible without efficient, transparent communication management.

Management of professional talent

The Development and Decentralisation Institute has built up a network of highly qualified partners who specialise in the fields of law, education, organisation management and communication.

We weave networks of contacts in order to cover human resource needs in the public sector, whilst also giving impulse to the careers of the professionals involved.

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