IDDThe IDD Group, which is formed by the Development and Decentralisation Institute and the firm of Sumac Huayna Llacta, provides integrated consulting services to both the public and private sectors to help modernise government management and strengthen institutions and civil society in Peru.

The Development and Decentralisation Institute (IDD) is a private association established in 2003 to support reform of the State in the different spheres concerned with decentralised development, institutional strengthening and the improvement of public management in Peru.

The organisation is formed by a team of professionals from various disciplines and specialist areas. All have acquired considerable experience in the aforementioned fields through work and activities in both the public and private sectors.

Vision, mission and objectives

The vision that the IDD Group-Development and Decentralisation Institute pursues is to become a recognised player and national leader in government management and administration, operating in both the public and private sectors.

Our mission is to promote, manage, cooperate and formulate training and technical assistance programmes given by expert professionals, becoming a reference in various our lines of action.

The values permanently present in our activities are:

– Integration – Professionalism – Social Responsibility – Quality

Main objectives:

1281812_66647542The principal objective of the IDD Group is to support and strengthen, in a decentralised approach, the relations between institutions, business associations and the public and private sectors in order to establish joint actions that can foster human development, productive investment and social-cultural improvement in Peru.

The Group also provides first-class training and technical assistance services in our areas of specialisation to State bodies, the business sphere and civil society.

Finally, we seek to share similar experiences with sister nations in Latin America and to forge links with similar organisations in the world of international cooperation and specialist consulting.

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